D-DAY. JUNE 6, 1944.

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There are two scenarios over two days at most events.

JUNE 5, 1944.

In this scenario, the scene is of a Senior Airborne Engineer officer preparing for the invasion of Normandy - Operation Overlord,

D-Day. June 6, 1944.

He will be wearing approximately 180 Pounds (81.6kg)(12.9st) of extra weight which includes a Type T-5 Parachute and reserve chute, weapons with ammunition, gas mask, maps, rations and everything else he needs to survive in enemy territory for 3 days.

Waiting to board the C-47, he is unable to sit down or kneel and must stand until helped into the aircraft due to the extreme weight that is carried and will travel to the ground with the parachute deployed at approx 20ft per second.

His intended DZ (Drop Zone) is Angouville-au-Plain, DZ-D.




JUNE 16, 1944.

In the second scenario, we have an Airborne Engineer officer who landed 01:27hrs on June 6.

Having missed the DZ due to cloud cover and heavy Anti-Aircraft fire, dropped along with a few other men who were lost for ten days. Part of their objectives was the destruction of bridges, but as they were lost, decided to find their way back to friendly lines, causing as much destruction and confusion to enemy communications as possible whilst avoiding or dealing with enemy patrols. Ten days of hard fighting and crawling through hedgerows, come across friendly lines and the battalion CP, now taking time to rest a little before giving a report of his actions to Battalion & Divisional Headquarters.

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