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This re-enactor pays his respect not only by using original equipment, but every time he buys and saves someones (original named) items, every time he polishes his boots to look like glass and does it in the very same way.

Every little detail is researched and researched again.

He pays homage to the veterans, to the lost and does it with honour, respect, dignity and pride. A true, professional re-enactor who's standards are impeccable.

Approachable and knowledgeable with a sense of integrity devoted to the veterans and the fallen heroes of ww2.


Mrs J. B. Crocker.





With more than 12 years experience in WWII interpretation, re-enactment along with battle participation, (involving the use of pyrotechnics, live weapons and blank ammunition), I attend events as an individual, with a collection of original WWII items whilst wearing original U.S and British uniforms, field gear & personal items. This allows people to see genuine equipment in use.

In addition, with the extensive study of period film and photographs, use paint and special affects to make replica uniforms & equipment appear used, dirty and battle worn, further helping to demonstrate the hardships of a D-Day paratrooper/soldier.


Continuously take the time to study terminology, learn the skills and correct dress of the period, aiming to demonstrate the look of the U.S paratrooper and British soldier that landed on D-Day and by "looking the part," I hope to show a sense of realism otherwise lost by modern re-enactment.


Respected as a professional ww2 historical interpreter/re-enactor, I am guided by set standards and written charters. These are essential not only for the extra degree of realism, but moreso as a mark of respect and appreciation for those that served and the many who gave their lives.



Cap insignia of the 326 Airborne Engineer Battalion